Experiencias Xcaret

Develop SEM and Digital Marketing Strategies to drive qualified traffic to the websites. Optimizing ROI, CTR and Conversions across channels.

Implement a Marketing/Sales culture putting the customer first within the organization.

My job is to make sure that every dollar spent in Digital Marketing gets the highest possible ROI. And I love it!


  • Implemented Display Marketing Strategy
  • Weekly optimization of SEM campaigns to improve CTR and Conversion rates
  • 50% CPC cost reduction
  • Increased the Quality Score of Landing Pages
  • Developed Digital Marketing Plans and Strategies
  • Implemented strategies to lower CPC cost almost 10 times in Social Media Channels, generating community growth
  • Implemented Digital Marketing Attribution by Channel with Google Analytics
  • Creation of the new Marketing/Sales culture for the Digital Marketing department
  • Design and Implementation of performance metrics to measure ROI
  • Development of new products
  • Creation of new pricing strategies
  • Development of Purchase Analysis tool for the Digital Marketing department
  • Introduction of Responsibility and Accountability in the Digital Marketing department
  • Design and Implementation of new processes and manuals for the Digital Marketing department
  • Training of Digital Marketing Executives
  • 30% increase on sales
  • Design of the Affiliate Marketing Strategy