Real Club Resorts

E-commerce, website growth, optimization, CMS, CRM, Web architecture. Development and implementation of E-Marketing Strategies, SEO, SEM, PPC and more.


  • Doubled the performance for Online Lead Generation
  • Implementation of Information Architecture
  • Implementation SEO Strategies to gain organic traffic
  • Optimization of Google Adwords Campaigns for Profit
  • Implementation of Performance Marketing Strategies
  • Implementation of Reputation Management Strategy
  • Implementation of SEO Strategies to gain control of the brand
  • Development and Implementation of the Human Resources Head Hunting strategy to discover, attract and hire talent
  • Development and Implementation of Email Marketing Strategy
  • Production of videos for marketing campaigns
  • Implementation of Live Chat for discovery and prospecting in top marketing campaigns
  • Implementation of Branding Strategy
  • Implementation of Review Strategy to gather customer feedback
  • Implementation of new services to increase closing rate
  • Implementation of new strategies to open alternative markets
  • Design and Implementation of an E-Commerce strategy
  • Design of Loyalty Program
  • Design of Affiliates Program
  • Creation of the new culture for the Marketing department
  • Design and Implementation of performance metrics
  • Development of new products
  • Creation of new pricing strategies
  • Introduction of Responsibility and Accountability in the Marketing department
  • Design and Implementation of new processes and manuals for the Marketing department
  • Generation of 500,000 USD in revenue in 9 days