The Future of WordPress

Posted on:June 15, 2018 at 09:04 PM

June 15th. Belgrade, Serbia.

Today a couple of hours past noon, Matt Mullenweg took to the stage to tell the world what is coming next for WordPress.

Much like it happens at the State of the Word, Matt started to talk about the accomplishments of the different WordPress teams. Like CLI and the REST API who have been hard at work –along with everyone else–.

WP CLI 2.0 is expected to be released on July with some major improvements. The REST API will release auto-save and search capabilities before August, and then of course, there’s Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is the future of WordPress

Yes, I know I am saying nothing new here. But probably, just probably, you have not taken the time to experience what Gutenberg really is.

Just the day before I was telling the Training team about the need to stop the concept-separation between WordPress and Gutenberg. Gutenberg is the new WordPress.

Once it gets merged into the core, we will be able to tell people with no technical background whatsoever, how to build a website for their small business faster than ever before.

This is WordPress, here’s how you build a website!

Gutenberg together with other WordPress features like The Customizer and the REST API really deliver on the promise of Content Publishing Democratization.

Allowing more and more people to get online and get as creative as they can with a single set of tools, right out of the box.

I truly liked how Matt replied to the question What’s the problem the Gutenberg is solving?. He said –I’m paraphrasing–, Gutenberg is giving us the foundation for the next 15 years of the web.

And it is easy to see why

  • It is JS integrated with a very responsive REST API making working with the editor faster than ever before
  • The learning curve for new comers is as easy as it gets
  • Gutenberg will be at the core of everything WordPress. Mobile Apps, Calypso and the Web based app

Just to name a few of the reasons why this is HUGE, and not just for our community, but for the Internet as a whole.

One more thing

WordPress 5 as soon as AugustImage taken from the Twitter timeline of Jessica Lyschik

A game changer in deed. WordPress 5.0 was expected to be released last year. Sadly it was postponed, however we know now it could be released as soon as August.

If you are a JavaScript developer I invite you to take a look at WordPress

I’ve been telling people for a good year now, how WordPress will become a very important JavaScript force in the near future. Today Matt said it again: JavaScript is the future of WordPress development.

What I urge you to take home from are these following quotes from Matt

Gutenberg is the foundation for the future of WordPress

JavaScript is the future of WordPress development

I want to thank every one on the organization team for the WordCamp Europe 2018. It is a daunting endeavor to organize an event such as this one. Remember we are all contributors here. The speakers, the organizers, the volunteers.

Everyone who writes code, designs, contributes to the marketing efforts, builds awesome apps, pulls forward on the community. Everyone of you  are making the web a better place, and it is because of your selfless efforts we get to enjoy this experience.

Thanks to everyone who makes WordPress possible. The Community, the Sponsors, the users. Thank you all.


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